Welcome to 2021

2020 went off the rails for most of the world, but through a combination of privilege and dumb luck, we were able to make the most of it.

I’ve been a full-time remote worker since 2015, and my wife was able to easily start working from home in the spring.

Around the same time, we found out that we were expecting.

We scurried to get our house ready for the arrival of our newest family member.

We renovated our basement, added a bathroom, turned our old master bedroom into a nursery, replaced our HVAC system and even replaced our roof.

While I’m hopeful that 2021 will be better than 2020, we’re not out of the woods yet.

We’ll see more drama with the transition of power in the US, worldwide vaccine rollouts, Brexit, and the global response to all of the above.

(Not to mention all the unknowns lurking in the shadows.)

Still, 2020 is behind us, and there’s no way to go but forward.


Five focus areas for 2021

Instead of setting new years’ resolutions every January, I choose a handful of focus areas. This year I’m focusing on my family, personal care, creative work, professional development and community participation.

Family: We welcomed our baby girl into the world at 11:45pm on Christmas Eve. Now we’re suffering through all the anxiety and sleep deprivation of new parenthood. I’m excited to create and capture new experiences with our little one. I keep reminding myself that she’ll never be the same age again.

Personal care: Cycling will continue to be my main thing for physical health. On the mental health side, I’d like to give journaling a try. Related to that, I want to combat my anxieties with optimism, cultivating a more positive mindset in 2021.

Creative work: Thanks to our daughter, now I have a reason to do this beyond my own self-interest. I want to fill our home with original work — arts and crafts, photography, music — that’ll make a wonderful environment for her to grow up in.

Professional development: I’d like to get more hands-on experience in other marketing areas like ecommerce, CPM and PPC. I’m also keen to go deep on community marketing programs and how they intersect with martech platforms. Oh, and figuring out this whole “leading a team” thing.

Community involvement: Tied to all of the above, I want to actively participate in more community groups this year, helping and contributing while learning from others. I’m keen to share as I learn, so look out for more of that on this site and others.


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