Thoughts on #WCUS 2018

Happy Tuesday.

I just published our recap of WordCamp US 2018 over on the GoDaddy blog.

Here’s an excerpt from my closing thoughts:

These last couple of years were tumultuous. A lot happened with WordPress, and within the broader web.

Our industry is maturing, and as it does, there will be more hurdles for us to overcome. But there’s also a resounding sense of community and camaraderie in our space. As long as we continue to come together at events like WordCamp US, continue to share and learn from each other, we’ll pull through.

As web designers and web developers, the web is what we make of it. Our creations help others find their way online. Our craft helps them promote their businesses, share their work, and tell their stories. We help our clients transform their ideas into reality, and that’s pretty darn awesome.

Our top takeaways from WordCamp US 2018 – GoDaddy

Aside from the WordCamp, this was also my first time in Nashville. It’s an interesting city. Not quite my vibe, save for a handful of local food chains – namely Frothy Monkey and Biscuit Love.

Growing up in central Ontario meant growing up with country music. I’ve got a fair number of childhood memories accompanied by the stylings of Alan Jackson.

Nashville was a weird sort of flashback cranked up to eleven. Stroll down the Broadway Strip and all you’ll hear is live music blasting out of the neon-lit honky tonk tourist traps lining both sides of the street.

It’s a tad overwhelming. But hey – I guess that’s just Nashville. 🙂 

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