To all the white boys in the room

All the white boys in the room, even with the best of intentions, will only ever know what it’s like to make make decisions as a white boy. They will only ever have the experiences of white boys. This is true of anyone. You will design things that fit within your own experiences. Even those that attempt to look outside their own experiences will only ever know what questions to ask based on that experience. Even those doing good research can only ask questions they think to ask. In short, even the most well-meaning white boys don’t know what they don’t know. That’s before we even deal with the ones that aren’t well-meaning.”

Opinion: We Built A Broken Internet. (BuzzFeed News)

A thought-provoking opinion piece from BuzzFeed News. The premise of this snippet is uncomfortable — white boy checking in! — but that’s the point of it.

We made the web in our image and we’re unaware of the blind spots. And when others call us out on the blind spots it makes us uncomfortable.

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