Sustainable Web Manifesto + Contract For The Web

“We all share and use the web, just as we all share and live on this planet. This manifesto is a public declaration of a shared commitment to create a sustainable internet. […]

If we embrace sustainability in our work, we can create a web that is good for people and planet. By signing this manifesto you declare your commitment to create a greener web.”

Sustainable Web Manifesto

The sustainable web manifesto covers five areas:

  1. Clean – Services we buy/create use renewable energy
  2. Efficient – Use the least amount of resources possible
  3. Open – Accessible services, users control their own data
  4. Honest – No misleading or exploitation
  5. Regenerative – Support an economy nourishing people & planet

Related, Tim Berners-Lee and his “contract for the web“:

The Contract for the Web was created by representatives from over 80 organizations, representing governments, companies and civil society, and sets out commitments to guide digital policy agendas. To achieve the Contract’s goals, governments, companies, civil society and individuals must commit to sustained policy development, advocacy, and implementation of the Contract text.

Contract For The Web

It covers nine principles:

  1. Ensure everyone can connect to the internet
  2. Keep all of the internet available, all of the time
  3. Protect fundamental online privacy & data rights
  4. Make the internet affordable & accessible to all
  5. Respect & protect peoples privacy and personal data
  6. Develop tech to support the best in humanity, challenge the worst
  7. Be creators and collaborators with the web
  8. Build communities that respect human discourse & dignity
  9. Fight for the web

I don’t agree with all of the above, but I do appreciate that these movements are taking shape. Internet governance is an incredibly important topic, and I feel like we’ve managed to dodge it for the last 20+ years.