September Shred

Happy Monday! (+ Labour Day)

So here we are in September. Firmly 3/4 of the way through 2019. How’s it going?

At the start of the year I laid out a series of goals/priorities. As the months went by, many — but not all — of those goals fell by the wayside.

With the end of the year in sight, I’m starting to think about 2020, and how to best roll from this year into the next one.

Which brings me to the September Shred.

I heard about this from my wife and I’m pretty sure it’s a personal fitness thing about losing weight.

And while we’re going in on that together I’m also thinking about what other things I could shred from my daily routine.

What do I need to shred, aside from weight?

I’ve always been a casual gamer and lately WoW Classic caught my attention. I spent a handful of hours playing it last week.

The nostalgia trip is real, but I don’t have the bandwidth to pour into it like I did in high school.

My free time is limited and I don’t want to spend it on gaming. So that goes. It’s shredded.

In the time I would’ve otherwise used for gaming I’ll focus on creative work: Drawing, painting, coding. Hell maybe I’ll even teach myself to play the piano (finally).

But what about writing?

I have the most focus in the mornings because it’s uninterrupted time. So I’ve been torn between using that time for writing and for fitness.

But why not both?

So my morning writing is out. It’s shredded. Not entirely, but it’s going to bump up against my time in the gym.

That’ll force me to condense my writing time and, hopefully, train me to be a faster writer.

Otherwise: I have a laundry list of books and articles to get through. Time I would’ve spent trawling social media I’ll try to instead use for catching up on that reading.

In a nutshell:

  • Done with the gaming.
  • Put that time towards creative work.
  • Might even learn the piano finally!
  • Mornings for writing and exercise.
  • More reading with intention.

Let’s see how this goes. Have a good #SeptemberShred, y’all.

– am