Remote Work

My first attempt at remote work didn’t go very well.

I had a brief stint as a Happiness Engineer (support rep) for Automattic, the parent company of and Jetpack.

I didn’t make it past probation.

Following that experience, I figured that I wasn’t cut out for remote work. But when I joined GoDaddy some years later, remote work was my only option. The team was spread across the southwestern United States, and I was based in Toronto, Canada.

That was over three years ago, and I’m still working remotely full-time.

So what’s the secret?

In my opinion: it comes down to the type of work you’re doing. If you’re not a fit for the job, you won’t do it well. Working remotely just makes it harder for you to fake it.

There are other little things that play a role, like how you structure your day or configure your workspace.

I’m continuing to experiment and iterate on my own setup, and I want to share that with you — along with the things I’m reading and finding from others who are also working remotely for a living.