Remote work requires self-awareness

“My point isn’t that every remote worker needs to stop traveling and go out and rent an office space. It’s that the flexibility of remote work requires a lot of self-awareness to recognize an unhealthy cycle and take steps to stop it before it spirals downward. You need to intentionally ask what situation best suits your needs and personality and actively experiment until you find a good fit.”

Mental Health & Remote Work (Doist)

With the COVID-19 epidemic pushing office dwellers to work from home, we’re going to see a bunch of companies realize that remote work is a viable alternative to crowding a bunch of employees into a shared space.

I’ve had the privilege of working from home for nearly five years now. It was bumpy at first. I had a real pang of cabin fever, working from a downtown condo. But now I live outside the city, in a quiet neighbourhood. It’s so much better.

That’s the thing with remote work. You need to figure out what works for you, and chances are good that it’ll be different from what works for others.