Empower by GoDaddy

It made perfect sense for GoDaddy to align its vision with its corporate giving program, with the aim of equipping entrepreneurs in underserved communities who lacked the support and resources to learn how to build their small businesses. GoDaddy took the unique approach of partnering not only with national nonprofits but also with local organizations in more than 40 cities across the nation, where programs were developed that met the needs of each individual region and aligned with the missions of the nonprofit partners.

via GoDaddy and Jane Boyd Community House (Ragan)

I have so much respect for my colleagues on the Empower team and what they’re doing to support neighbourhoods around the United States.

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12 ways to promote your meetup

I’ve been an active meetup group member and organizer for about ten years.

My first meetup group was LNMG — the Limestone New Media Group — out in Kingston, Ontario. We were a handful of locals interested in the emergence of social media, podcasting, vlogging, et al.

We gathered at local coffee shops (s/o to Coffeeco) to trade notes, share our work, and generally catch up with neighbours who cared about the same things as us.

In 2010, after moving to Toronto, I looked for similar meetup groups to join. WPToronto was one of the first, and as I detailed in my Four years at GoDaddy post, that group became my “home” for a long while.

But that wasn’t the only group I belonged to. I joined other groups for tech startups, digital marketers, web developers, artists, gamers, and civic engagement.

As I hopped from group to group, I noted what they did to get people in the door. Here’s my shortlist.

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Time to Spread Firefox again?

Welcome to Spread Firefox. You are our marketing department, a diverse community of people tired of swatting popups, chasing spyware, combatting identity theft and installing security updates you could set your watch to. You have a vision of the 21st century web and are ready to push it to the world, wresting control from a monopoly that has let it stagnate.

The Spread Firefox! campaign (via Web Archive)

A couple weeks back I dropped a tweet saying I was moving back to Firefox as my primary browser. I’ve sworn by Google Chrome for years, but the recent push towards privacy and performance won me back.

I did some digging into the old Spread Firefox! campaign that pulled me into Firefox the first time round. That brought me to the Wikipedia article on Firefox, and that led me to this archived version of the SFX community site.

Millions of people are already using Firefox and helping us chip away at Internet Explorer’s marketshare. More than 80,000 websites already link to the Firefox page, with an additional 200,000 linking to mozilla.org. The buzz about Firefox was too hot for the blogosphere and has consumed the mainstream press: this month alone, Firefox has been declared officially “Wired” (IE? “Expired”), USA Today is recommending that its readers use Firefox, and Walt Mossberg, perhaps the most influential tech writer in the US, is telling Wall Street Journal readers that, if you’re worried about security, Firefox is a good way to go.

That post was made 15 years ago. Now Firefox is back, fighting to protect the privacy of its users. Is it time for us to #SpreadFirefox again?