Recommended Newsletters

I love email newsletters. They’re how I stay up-to-date with news and updates from my industry, my network, and the world at large.

These are the subscriptions I look forward to receiving every single week:

Ann Handley: A bi-weekly letter about digital marketing. I was introduced to Ann’s work through Content Rules, a book she co-wrote with C.C. Chapman well before content marketing was a big deal.

Austin Kleon: My spirit animal. A writer who draws/an artist who writes. His weekly newsletter is a roundup of recent musings, observations, and interesting links. He writes about his process in this blog post.

Art of Noticing: Deep, thoughtful writing on appreciating life’s little details.

Commoncog: “Commonplace is about building career moats in a world of constant change. Updates weekly.”

CreativeMornings: Weekly highlights from their global series of inspirational talks, plus a curated roundup of resources for creative professionals.

Dense Discovery: Similar to CreativeMornings, but with a technology bent. “A weekly newsletter helping web workers be productive, stay inspired, and think critically.” They’re consistently great.

Exponential View: Collision of technology and humanities with an eye on the future.

Farnam Street’s Brain Food: Deep thinking and long-form writing about personal and professional improvement. Fun fact: Shane Parrish (the author) is a fellow Canadian and former CSIS agent. More juicy deets in this profile piece from The New York Times.

Jimmy Daly’s Swipe File: Content marketing at an enterprise level. We think about content in similar ways, complete with practical models and frameworks. If I’m introducing someone to content marketing, I’ll point them to Jimmy’s blog and email course.

MasterWP: One of the best WordPress-specific newsletters. Ben and Alex curate a weekly digest of WordPress and web industry news, complete with personal essays and hot takes on topics that matter to WordPress users. Pairs nicely with Post Status.

Nerd Alert: Weekly tech tips and tools for journalists from the folks at INN Labs. It’s useful reading for anyone who publishes content online. Here’s a sample.

NextDraft: Dave Pell’s long-running, wide-reaching daily newsletter is one of the best. Interesting, concise, and expertly curated. There’s no algorithm here — Dave is the algorithm.

Paul Jarvis’s Sunday Dispatch: Mindful writing for small businesses. A web designer turned online educator, this ex-Torontonian lives and works remotely — in the truest sense of the word — from his home somewhere on the coast of British Columbia.

SEO Notebook: Practical tips and tactics for search engine optimization. Each week’s newsletter delivers a new tip via one shared Evernote. I copy n’ paste the best of it into my personal OneNote notebook for referencing later.

Sentiers: “A thoughtful, inquisitive, slightly off the beaten path weekly newsletter. Covers a very eclectic mix of topics, often having to do with sociotechnical transformations, but also cities, systems, hybrids, the environment, history, scifi, design, and many other ideas that matter. Each issue features the essential quotes and insights for five or six articles, as well as diverse quick takes.”

Also: Check out Nuzzel. It’s a personalized digest of what your follows and connections are sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s one of the first emails I check every morning.