New site, who ‘dis?

Welcome to my revamped corner of the web.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new domain,

I’ve used for ages and had my .CA domain redirecting to it. A few weeks ago I swapped the two. Why the change? Identity, mainly. I’m a proud Canadian and I want my online presence to reflect that.

With the new domain comes a new site. Every few years I wipe the slate clean and start fresh. This is the latest reboot. You can see what’s running under the hood on my About page.

I’m also changing what I publish. For a long time my site was a dumping ground of article excerpts and links. But thoughtful, original work was lacking. So I’m going to step that up.

To start with, I’m focusing on the themes of Content Marketing, WordPress, Remote Work, and Podcasting. The first three draw from my day-to-day experience, while podcasting is something that I’m just starting to dabble in.

The article curation will live on through a separate blog (coming soon), plus my email newsletter (see the site footer), my Twitter updates, and my Pocket recommendations.

And finally, a quick note on WPToronto

WordCamp Toronto 2018 took place this past Saturday. This was my first time co-organizing since 2015. It was also a first for our group in a number of ways:

  • An all-new organizing team (aside from myself).
  • Our group as part of the chapter program.
  • A one-day event.
  • An overall theme for all sessions.
  • We didn’t charge for registration.

Despite the multiple “firsts” and relatively tight timelines, we managed to pull it off.

The turnout was exactly what we had hoped for. A little over half of the registrants showed up, placing us near capacity for the space. (A big thanks to the city of Toronto for granting us a free venue in the North York Civic Centre, by the way.)

Aside from the sessions, what I also saw this weekend was a return to community-centric, WordPress-focused gatherings. Our group lost that vibe for a while. I feel good about what’s happening now, though, and I have faith in the new organizing team. So I’ve stepped down (again) as a co-organizer.

Heading into 2019 and beyond, I want to spend more time with other community groups, both locally and across North America. First up: I’ll be in Nashville for WordCamp US this week, covering the event for the GoDaddy blog. Look out for my live tweets and Instagram stories plus post-WCUS coverage.

If you’re down for the event, come say hi. Otherwise – have a great week!


Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “New site, who ‘dis?”

  1. Love the new focus! And your thing about smashing your puzzle every now and then. Ya, namaste my friend. Other than podcasts, I live the topics and have the cuts and bruises to show it! And WordPress in 2018…whoa, what a ride that will be. Just like we like it! Lol

    • Thanks Richard! It ultimately came down to acknowledging what I could commit to versus what I had an interest in. Have to keep reminding myself that the days are going by faster every year. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear of the successful event, Andy! And congrats on your relaunch. I’m looking forward to reading what you share…

    • Thanks Tom. Seeing you flourish with the creative work at Art & Science was inspirational – got me thinking, “what’s next?” 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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