Managers: Learn, teach, liberate, innovate, imagine, challenge.

We want managers to become truly human again: to be people who love to learn and love to teach, who liberate and innovate, who include others in the process of thinking imaginatively, and who challenge everyone around them to create a better business and a better world. This will ensure that organizations do more than simply update old ways of doing things with new technology, and find ways to do entirely new things going forward.”

The Role of a Manager Has to Change in 5 Key Ways (HBR)

I’m thinking about team leadership & management way more often. As I do, I’m thinking about the managers I liked working with versus the ones I haven’t, and their traits I valued versus the ones I didn’t.

My favourite managers were reactive instead of prescriptive. They checked in regularly without micro-managing, offered guidance rooted in experience. They gave me freedom to experiment and learn and iterate on how I did things.

I know that what worked for me won’t work for others. Everyone’s different. But I figure, I need to start somewhere, so why not here, with what works for me?