Millennials and Gen Z were born on the wrong side

” Britons who came of age in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008 will, in many cases, be worse off than their parents. Born on the wrong side of skyrocketing property values, 30-year-olds are only half as likely to own homes as baby boomers were at the same age. A third are expected to rent for their whole lives.”

The Making of a Young U.K. Socialist (New York Times)

I recognize and am grateful for how lucky we are to be millennial home owners. I grew up in basement apartments and the notion of buying a house felt like a lofty dream well beyond my reach.

But that’s still the reality for most people our age. Aside from us lucky outliers, the system failed our peers.

Those who came before us — not all, but broadly, as a generation — climbed a ladder to higher ground, and knocked the ladder over once they reached the top.

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