Leadership is a role

“To build a great career in content marketing, you need to develop all the right skills, but you also have to elevate above the day-to-day work. To be seen as a leader, you have to act like one. Leadership, therefore, isn’t a job title, it’s a role.”

How to Earn a Senior Content Marketing Role (Animalz)

Shoutout to Devin at Animalz for this piece on career development in the world of content marketing. It piggybacks on an episode of their podcast that’s also worth a listen.

Another juicy takeaway from her article:

“If you want to level up, you need to be the one who comes up with ideas, advocates for them, turns them into reality and gets them to the finish line.”

— Devin Bramhall, Animalz

Devin’s experience at Help Scout feels incredibly familiar, and it matches my own journey at GoDaddy over the last five years.

My shift from an Individual Contributor role to a Manager role happened slowly, then all at once. I didn’t plan for it and I didn’t ask for it. I just kept identifying new needs and gaps on our team and pulled whatever strings I could to fill those gaps in.

For example: I didn’t have any writers on my team, so I leaned into working with guest posters, freelance contributors, and external agencies.

While they churned out new assets, I focused on overall strategy, created new processes, assigned projects, produced reports, provided guidance, and ran triage on issues when they inevitably popped up.

I was still an IC through all this, but I was acting more like a Manager.

The title change came later, and it felt more like a reflection of an evolved role than a step into a new position.

I’m on the cusp of doing that again, I think, as I start to chew on the idea of leading an in-house team.

Two or three years ago I couldn’t have imagined wanting this. But now I feel like I’m spinning too many plates, and I need the help.

P.S. If you’re interested in helping me out, I’m looking for new contributors to write for the GoDaddy Blog. Specifically folks with a knowledge of freelancing, web design & development, digital marketing, and WordPress.

Our target audience includes up-and-coming web designers & developers; the type of people who may be dabbling in it as a hobby right now, and thinking about pursuing it as a career, either as a side hustle or full-time freelancer.

If you’re interested, throw a contributor application my way.

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