Advice for new marketers: Focus on the outcomes to increase your value

To truly increase your value, you need to understand what drives the company’s long term growth and focus maniacally on that. This means elevating your mental frameworks from tactics (i.e. “I must publish three articles a week”) to strategy (i.e. “I must find a way to help our events team sell more tickets”). And it means structuring the content operation to lead to outcomes (i.e. “webinar signups”) and not outputs (i.e. “publishing 10 tweets a day”).”

What I wish I knew five years ago about building a career in “content” (Sean Blanda)

This post from Sean Blanda is a must-read for anyone in the content marketing space, or thinking about entering the content marketing space.

My colleague Chris Carfi has a great model for thinking about this. Every time we sit down to talk through a plan, he starts with one question: What does success look like?

By starting with the objective, we can work backwards — figuring out the metrics that indicate success (goals), how we’ll get there (strategy), and the specific tools we’ll use to implement the strategy (tactics).

It’s kinda like planning a trip in Google Maps. You start with where you want to go (objective), then based on how much time you have (metrics), you choose a mode of transportation (strategy) and the route you want to take (tactics).

Sidenote: I need to do this more often with my personal projects. ?

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