Extreme weather is shrinking the planet

All this has played out more or less as scientists warned, albeit faster. What has defied expectations is the slowness of the response. The climatologist James Hansen testified before Congress about the dangers of human-caused climate change thirty years ago. Since then, carbon emissions have increased with each year except 2009 (the height of the global recession) and the newest data show that 2018 will set another record.


“We can plan now and retreat in a strategic and calculated fashion, or we can worry about it later and retreat in tactical disarray in response to devastating storms. In other words, we can walk away methodically, or we can flee in panic.

How extreme weather is shrinking the planet (New Yorker)

I’m sharing excerpts from this piece again because it’s worth emphasizing. Things are happening faster than expected.

How will we cope as a society, as a civilization, as a species?

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