The constant reinvention of web development

This constant wheel reinvention is something we seem to be wired to do. We can be optimistic and hope that good things fall out of it, but so often what is left is a mess. Teams find themselves with projects that no-one has the skills to fix, due to them being based on a toolchain that only a few people understand how to use. Businesses are handed websites by external agencies, using a technology that quickly falls out of favour, and when they want an update the next contractor looks at it, and suggests a rebuild.

HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points (Rachel Andrew)

I feel this. Even at a lower level — like, say, building WordPress sites — it’s easier for a developer to scrap what already exists and build something new.

Back when I was doing agency work, if a potential client ever asked about a website redesign, this is the exact approach we’d take.

Hell, even if we built their existing site, our process would’ve changed. We would’ve moved on to new frameworks, new tools, new systems.

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