Indigo: A Canadiana lifestyle brand

Indigo also sells candles, art, trendy lunchboxes, herb kits, knife sets, glassware, home goods, and fashion accessories in addition to books.

The company believes that selling products that are physical extensions of its books makes the entire book-buying process more appealing, and customers seem to be on the same page.

Canadian bookseller Indigo is growing fast (The Hustle)

I’m writing this post from a Starbucks nestled inside a Chapters (a former bookstore chain, bought and rolled into Indigo).

What strikes me about Indigo is that it’s gone all-in on selling a certain kind of lifestyle brand without abandoning its commitment to books.

It’s a cozy cottage throwback aesthetic — an upmarket Canadian aesthetic? — that pairs nicely with Roots jackets and HBC blankets.

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Proving the value of content marketing

“When you want to prove the value of content marketing without relying on direct attribution, you need to answer this question: “How are people who consume our content different from people who don’t consume our content?”

What Content Marketing Metrics Actually Matter? (Active Campaign)

Additionally: What can we do with content to support the entire customer journey / lifecycle? How do you raise awareness? Build trust? Drive to conversion?

After they buy, how do you support new customers? How do you keep them coming back? How do you use content to reward customer loyalty? And how do you use content to encourage word-of-mouth referrals?

Content marketing can be so much more than just getting people to find you.

Bottom Line, Up Front

While the decisions you make may not be life-or-death, you probably also spend a lot of your time communicating with people who are busy, whose time is valuable, and who deserve at least the same level of consideration. That’s why BLUF is such a useful model. Whether you’re writing for your company’s blog, writing Slack messages to co-workers, or writing emails to customers, BLUF can help you cut through the noise and connect.

BLUF: The Military Standard That Can Make Your Writing More Powerful (Animalz)

Nielsen Norman Group does a great job of this with their article summaries.

Crowdfunding = trust

Part of a much longer thread worth reading.

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