Crowdfunding = trust

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h/t Patrick Tanguay (Sentiers Media) for the referral in his newsletter.

12 ways to promote your meetup

I’ve been an active meetup group member and organizer for about ten years.

My first meetup group was LNMG — the Limestone New Media Group — out in Kingston, Ontario. We were a handful of locals interested in the emergence of social media, podcasting, vlogging, et al.

We gathered at local coffee shops (s/o to Coffeeco) to trade notes, share our work, and generally catch up with neighbours who cared about the same things as us.

In 2010, after moving to Toronto, I looked for similar meetup groups to join. WPToronto was one of the first, and as I detailed in my Four years at GoDaddy post, that group became my “home” for a long while.

But that wasn’t the only group I belonged to. I joined other groups for tech startups, digital marketers, web developers, artists, gamers, and civic engagement.

As I hopped from group to group, I noted what they did to get people in the door. Here’s my shortlist.

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Four years at GoDaddy

Old GoDaddy sign

I hit the four-year milestone at GoDaddy this month. This is the longest I’ve worked at any company, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

I love helping local small businesses. It started in college, with projects about local economic development. It continued after graduation with my freelance and volunteer work.

But GoDaddy wasn’t looking for a small business advocate when I joined. They were looking for a community manager.

So let me back up here.

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