Cacophony of algorithmic fusterclucks

It’s been a minute since my last post. Sorry about that.

A lot’s happened in the last few months. We zipped through a basement reno, all in preparation for the arrival of our baby girl, converting our old master bedroom into a nursery. In September we took a little retreat up to a cottage in Central Frontenac, a new favourite destination of ours, and another in October out to Prince Edward County.

I also hit my five year anniversary at GoDaddy. Time flies.

Halloween was uneventful for us. I imagine it was the same for most families this year. We didn’t do anything to our yard, and we didn’t hand out candy. Not that there were many kids roving the streets (thankfully).

It would’ve been an amazing evening if it wasn’t for Covid. The weather cooperated, and there was even a full moon during peak trick-or-treat hours.

There’s gonna be a lot of anxiety this week as the US deals with their election. We’re all waiting to see what happens. It’s like a crescendo of nerves.

Anything that happens south of the border has a ripple effect around the world, but especially for us, the neighbours to the north. Canadian Confederation was in large part a response to what the Americans were up to – civil war, manifest destiny, et al.

We’ll see what happens. In the meantime…

I’d like to try something different, again, with my blog posts. I’m a fairly consistent curator on Twitter, but Twitter’s a cacophony, especially right now. I don’t want to lose the stuff I’m sharing, so I figured it’d be good fodder for a weekly digest.

That’s what blogs were all about early on, right? Sharing things you find around the web. I miss that. An online experience built around discovery and relationships and word-of-mouth. Not algorithmic fusterclucks coordinated by a group of developers in California.

I still think that’s something we can return to.

Have a great week.

~ Andy


2020 CIRA cybersecurity report:
“The Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity is warning that hackers are taking advantage of COVID-19 and the attention the issue demands.”

Canada’s internet infrastructure is unconnected and underfunded:
“The research results show that digital development in Canada is underfunded, piecemeal, ad hoc and unorganized despite stakeholders sharing many of the same goals.”

2020 content marketing benchmark report, via Animalz:
“Our team of content marketing practitioners is modifying our strategy and thinking about content differently as a result of the data in this report. You should, too.”

Evan Hamilton on the future of remote work:
“People are feeling less connected to their coworkers, and this seems to be one of the main things driving them to think about a hybrid workplace.”

Facebook fights a browser extension:
“Certainly people have a right to protect their data from being used in unwanted ways — this was the core takeaway from Cambridge Analytica. But they ought to have a right to volunteer their data, too.”

Ian Vanagas on how Discord won:
“Discord won by building 10x better spaces for communities. By selling status, they have also managed to capture more value from those communities than other platforms.”

Write for the lurkers:
“Your target audience is a small portion of the giant iceberg hidden away from the timelines and newsfeeds of social media.”

Rand Fishkin on why you should hire agencies & consultants:
“I believe it’s possible to eliminate most drawbacks that come from consultants. But it’ll take intentional, strategic foresight early on, and continual investment in process.”

20 predictions for Community in the 2020s:
“Community, customer support, and customer success will overlap and start to blend together.” (It’s already happening, but we’ll see it pick up momentum.)

HTTPS is table stakes for SEO in 2020:
“If you’re not convinced that HTTPS is important when 97-98% of the top ten organic results have it, I’m not sure what’s left to say.” (HTTPS is table stakes, period.)

The messy politics of Nextdoor:
Recurring theme with wide open social platforms: treating moderation as an afterthought, either farmed out to 3rd parties or assigned to users with minimal support/oversight.

McDonald’s plastic pumpkin pails:
“Putting aside the arguments about whether or not it’s healthy to encourage kids to eat Mickey D’s in exchange for a plastic bucket, it’s a genuinely great object that deserves a to resurface in its unadulterated original form.”

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