I’m a bit of a URL packrat. My bookmarks bar in Firefox is filled with links to interesting resources. Instead of keeping them tucked away, I’m sharing them here.

Audio & podcasting

Video & streaming

  • mimoLive – Video switcher & streaming for the Mac
  • Lumen5 – Social video creation in the browser
  • Crowdcast – Live streaming in the browser

Advertising & affiliate marketing




Content marketing & blogging

Content strategy

Content research

Content development

Javascript libraries

Content optimization

Content promotion

Email marketing

Social media


Web design & development

Information architecture


Front-end development

Marketing & analytics

  • RightMessage – Website personalization
  • Leadfeeder – See what companies visit your site
  • Clearbit – Aggregate data from disparate sources
  • Osano – “The original free open source cookie consent popup.”

Data sources & API

JavaScript libraries

  • anime.js – JavaScript animation engine
  • Zdog – Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas & SVG

Work & productivity


  • Cool Tools – Blog that “recommends the best/cheapest tools available”