An incredible sky

“This morning I saw an incredible sky. I was driving so couldn’t photograph it, but it was the most amazing pale salmon with golden lemon tones. There was a heavy mist lying on the fields and wrapping the trees like a comfort blanket. The rising sun lit up the drops of dew on the grass like fairy lights. Everything was distilled but diffuse and shining. I wanted to keep it safe.”

Morning sky (bsag)

An example of the sort of stuff you can find on It’s an ad-free, community-centric alternative to Twitter. Less noise. More personal. It feels like a throwback to the early web. From their About page:

“Tweeting is one form of microblogging. But when you use Twitter, your content stays at Twitter. At, you can write short posts that appear in the timeline, as well as on your own blog that you control.”

It’s free to join and connect your own blog, but hosted plans start at $5/mo.

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