I’m a technical marketer with over a decade of experience in teams of all sizes, from small bootstrapped startups to multinational corporations.

My work focuses on all stages of the customer journey, leaning heavily on content strategy, community platforms and iterative processes.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

It started as a hobby

My work on the web started with fansites and forums in the late 90’s. I played with a ton of early site builders, message board services, self-hosted blogging tools and content management systems.

Despite all the tinkering, I never considered myself a web developer. I wanted to compile and share information, not crank out lines of code.

While attending college in 2008, one of my instructors introduced me to WordPress. I fell in love with the platform and became a vocal advocate. Even though I wasn’t a developer, WordPress was powerful enough to let me build fairly complex sites.

Turning a hobby into a career

In 2009 I graduated with honours from the Advertising program at St. Lawrence College. With nobody hiring in the ad industry, I fell back on my self-taught web and WordPress skills, landing my first job with a local digital agency.

In 2010 I moved to Toronto to take on an in-house webmaster role with a small IT services company. Not knowing anyone in the city, I joined the local WordPress meetup group, hoping to connect with other like-minded web geeks.

From 2010-2015 I hopped between a variety of freelance, agency, in-house and startup roles, all with a focus on WordPress. I was heavily involved in the WordPress meetup group as well, becoming a co-organizer in 2011, and going on to organize local meetups and events for the next decade.

Joining GoDaddy

In early 2015, GoDaddy reached out regarding a new Community Manager position for their GoDaddy Pro partner program. I joined in September that year. We launched the GoDaddy Community forums in early 2016.

I moved to the GoDaddy Blog team shortly after that. While on the Blog team, I took on content for our GoDaddy Pro audience, working with agencies and a network of contributors. I also co-managed our blog platforms, going deep on workflows, docs and analytics.

In 2020, my role expanded to include social media and community for the GoDaddy Pro brand. Now in 2021, I look after GoDaddy’s community platforms and our GoDaddy Pro community programs.

Working style

There are a handful of recurring themes in my approach:

Systems, frameworks, and models. I’m a visual thinker and learner. As I wrap my head around a new problem or project, I’ll dissect it on paper (or whiteboard, or screen).

Documentation. For posterity, for knowledge transfer, and for collaboration. It usually starts with a working doc before moving to a centralized resource, e.g. Confluence.

Strategic direction, incremental delivery. A north star — some big milestone or end goal — achieved through a series of compounding actions. I like building routines around this with recurring tasks and progress checks, tweaking as we go.

Joining forces. I believe in rallying teams around a common cause and ensuring that everyone involved benefits from the work.

Friendly candour. While this varies depending on team dynamics, I generally err on the side of being transparent with my opinions (and I ask my team to do the same).

Side projects

I’m working on Community Stacks, a repository of tools for community builders.

About this site

Every few years I blow up my site and start fresh. This is the latest iteration.

It’s built with WordPress, GeneratePress Premium, GenerateBlocks, CoBlocks, WP Forms, WP Mail SMTP, Toolbelt, WP Super Cache and Fathom Analytics.

It’s running on GoDaddy’s Business Hosting, secured by cPanel’s Auto SSL with Really Simple SSL enforcing HTTPS.

Header font is Architect’s Daughter (one of my favs!). Body copy is Open Sans. Stock photos come from Unsplash. Hand-drawn illustrations are by yours truly. 😉


The opinions expressed on this website are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer. I may use affiliate links from time to time; making a purchase through those links will provide me with a small commission.

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