Strategy is about moving humans

“Strategy is about moving humans around to meet goals, and defining processes, and that means that sometimes you just need to have twenty or thirty meetings before you can make something happen. Ideally you do things once, and very carefully, because of all the money involved and all the lives affected.”

Build Time Versus Strategy Time (Postlight)

Cacophony of algorithmic fusterclucks

It’s been a minute since my last post. Sorry about that.

A lot’s happened in the last few months. We zipped through a basement reno, all in preparation for the arrival of our baby girl, converting our old master bedroom into a nursery. In September we took a little retreat up to a cottage in Central Frontenac, a new favourite destination of ours, and another in October out to Prince Edward County.

I also hit my five year anniversary at GoDaddy. Time flies.

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