My grandfather was a builder

My grandfather was a builder. His garage was his workshop. Workbenches on all sides with meticulously organized storage for all his tools. I remember his Folgers containers, neatly labeled, a different one for each size of screw or nail.

We bought our first house in the fall. I’m slowly embracing the change. I grew up in apartments. Home ownership was a pipe dream for as long as I can remember. Despite our family being in the home building business, it never felt like it was in my future.

Yet here we are.

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Community marketing for a bootstrapped startup

What advice would I give to a bootstrapped startup?

I haven’t thought about bootstrapped marketing in a while. Then a cold email from a Toronto founder got my gears turning. They asked if I had any tips for a young, bootstrapped tech company.

This post is what came to mind.

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