I tweet, therefore I am

“I tweet, therefore I am? Internet participation can feel like being on tour in perpetuity, and the feedback loops can feel like a noose, one that you tighten yourself.”

How Everyone IPO’d in the 21st Century (Eugene Wei)

I read somewhere recently — can’t remember the source — that when you hit “peak social” on Twitter, everything you write sounds like something you’d pull out of a fortune cookie. Truisms to amplify and outrage to stoke. Hell, I’m guilty of it. So how do we keep it in check and not lose ourselves to the game of scoring internet points?

Micro-sized communities

” Micro-sized communities are the key for modern businesses as smaller channels allow them to connect with highly engaged audiences. Influencers provide one way to access organic, tight-knit communities, but marketers are now moving beyond the digital world and building these communities in the real world.”

How brands can build micro-communities (AdAge)

Lead a community of purpose that aligns with your brand’s mission. Bring people together around in-person shared experiences. Share knowledge while acting as a catalyst for new connections. Keep the energy going through persistent community activities and back-channels.

Marketers need to zoom out

“By sweating and optimizing the small stuff, the [marketing] profession and its supportive industries have narrowed their focus too much and led many in marketing to work primarily on lower-funnel advertising (or digital advertising). And they’ve done this at the expense of building deep and long-term relationships with their customers using the full range of tools available.”

Long live the chief marketing officer (The Drum)

Strong customer relationships last longer than a campaign budget.

The next era of Instagram

“Forbes and a handful of social-media-marketing websites echo that appetites are changing. People are sick of unrealistic lifestyles and picture-perfect aesthetics, they say. The next era of Instagram is all about the “relatable influencer,” with trends like #nomakeup, #nofilter, #mentalhealth, #bodyimage, and “Instagram vs. Reality” memes. I now realize that in this essay, I’ve hit five out of five.”

— Who Would I Be Without Instagram? An investigation (The Cut)

Instagram started with snapshots of personal moments in filtered splendor. Then it swung towards influencers peddling products via over-produced photo shoots. Now it’s swinging back to something more real. (Hopefully.)

Life as a seamless, worky fever dream

Busy people who see work and nonwork as two separate spheres tend to get angry when one bleeds into the other, Butts says. One coping mechanism might be to view your life as a seamless, worky fever dream. As unappealing as that sounds, at least you’re not surprised when it extends past 6 p.m.

Give Up on Work-Life Balance (The Atlantic)

I prefer to think of life as a latticework of projects, but hey, to each their own.