The battle for the planet

The battle for the planet will be won or lost in the uncharted depths of the onlife — a new and evolving operating context where the rules, holders of power and mechanisms of change are different. As more of the world logs on, we have to recognise that unplugging ourselves will not solve the problem. We’re now part of a social fabric which is mediated and manipulated through the onlife. Working in this new context requires several core elements to create a future where the digital world shores up climate action.

Source: Living in the onlife: climate’s unseen battleground (The Beam)


The hard thing about content marketing in a large organization

Animalz, a content marketing agency, recently shared trends they’ve encountered over 160+ sales calls.

The writeup offers a glimpse into the world of content marketing for software companies. It also offers some great advice on overcoming common challenges.

This excerpt caught my attention…